About Life

Averill, Vermont
Averill, Vermont

Hi everyone!!!!!

So, I guess I’ll start with the basics, as it’s my first time doing a blog, and I’m not quite sure what I find interesting yet, or what others will/do.

I want this blog to be about the life I see around me, and what my take on it is, and finally what I want to do with my own life. Through pictures and posts, hopefully it’ll all come together amazingly, amazing. 🙂

My name is Brittney, and I’m 24. I’ve lived in upstate New York for my whole life (except for a few brief trips in other states-all of which I’m sure everyone will learn about at some point during my dissertations), however, my heart really lies in Vermont and Florida-I know, you can’t get anymore opposite. I love Vermont for the forest, and beauty of nature, and I love Florida for the convenience, and music of the city.

I have a large family, two parents, four brothers, eight nieces and nephews, a dog, three cats, and lots of friends. 🙂 First we’ll start with the parents, yeah? My mom’s name is Shawn, and my dad’s name is Dennis. They’re both awesome in their own way, but  a lot of who I am is because of my more-then-awesome-mom. Her patience rivals that of my Aunt Cathy(who will also be explained in later posts), and her love and kindness is constantly overflowing. Right now she works at a local delicatessen(got the spelling right on the first try XD) and for a local school district in Food Services-yes, everyone in my family LOVES food, and yes, she has two jobs-I know, she’s a super star. My dad is legally disabled (as apposed to???-I have no idea, but that’s a thing), however he used to be a mason by trade. He helped build a lot of important buildings/bridges near where we live, and THAT is important.

And as I mentioned above, I have four, count them FOUR, brothers. They are, Elliott, Joshua, Dennis Jr. and Jeremiah. Elliott is 22, and works for a furniture store and also does some security on the side. He’s a super nice person, with a goofy grin that everyone loves. 🙂 Joshua is 19, and he’s my Tumbleydoo(his nickname). He’s my shopping buddy, and probably the brother I spend the most time with. I go to him for opinions and advice, and I think when I have kids someday (long-long-long-long time from now) he’ll probably be the favorite uncle. Dennis Jr. is my oldest brother(my dad’s first kid) and is a goofball, just like Elliott. He has four kids (Ava, Melanie, DJ, and Haylie) who are the cutest things EVER. Jeremiah is my older brother(my dad’s second kid) and he is a gentle giant. He comes across as kind of intimidating, because he’s tall, but he’s super sweet and kind. He has TWO kids (Logan and Chloe-cutest buttons, EVER!!!). Jeremiah also just got married recently, and she brought two kids into their marriage (Maddi and Austin) who look like they’re my brother’s kids, it’s almost funny.

Our dog, Athena, is a Pitbull, and could seriously sit in your lap all day and lick you to death. The three cats are all mine, and their names are Freckle(8 years old), Autmn-yes, I spell his name this way on purpose, and yes, I know it’s not technically correct(10 years old), and finally, Zazu(7 years old). I’m a huge animal person, and as you’ll learn later, my goal is to get my parents to adopt another dog. 😉 Wish me luck!

So, this is my direct family, and later I’ll introduce family that I see often and have an impact on my life (like my Aunt Cathy<3).

Can’t wait to write more, and share the life around me with everyone reading!!!! 🙂

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