November 10, 2013-Inside Jokes

We all have them, and we all love them. Inside Jokes. Unfortunately I can’t explain a lot of my favorite ones here, (because they tend to be at someone’s expense XD), but I will say the joke, and at least my friend’s will understand them.

First, to Kyra, Sam, Josh and Josh: HULK. SMASH.

Kyra, Sam and Josh: You don’t know me!

My Disney CoWorkers:


There was an area in the resort, the Cabana’s, which CP’s NEVER liked to go because you would be the only one there and all of the full-timer’s hated you. TRUE. STORY.

Jordynn: I am a teenaged toe.

These are just a few of my favorites, and I’m sure I’ll add more at some point, but enjoy. 🙂


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