November 12, 2013-Stars

I love looking up at the stars each night. I love being able to point out the little dipper and Orion’s belt…..they just amaze me.

I remember the first time I took my niece, Haylie trick-or-treating, she was like three or four, and she live(s-ed) in a city. I had never really thought about that until she had looked up at the sky, in her little Super Woman costume and said “Aunt Brittney, what are all of those lights up there?”

Something I hadn’t even realized I was taking for granted. STARS. She had never seen them, because where as I live in the country, she was surrounded by buildings and light, constantly.

I’ll never make that mistake again. I LOVE the stars, and I’m thankful for them each night, whether I can see them or not.



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