November 16, 2013-Sorrentino’s Mes Amios

When I was old enough to start working I started at our local deli, Sorrentino’s. My mom worked there at the time, and slowly (as they got old enough to work) my two younger brother’s started to work there as well. It was a hard job, a little mom and pop store, with a lot of work because at the time, it was the only “local place” besides the big box stores. The store sold(sells) subs, fresh meats, deli meat, produce, and even a selection of groceries. Your basic Italian deli. It’s really popular with the locals, and everyone who works there feels like a family. Obviously I left when I went to Disney, but I kept in touch with everyone, and I love every guy down at that store. (I truly feel bad for any guy I date-as not only do they need approval from my family, but my Sorrentino’s family too, and they’re not small guys.)

The Guys
Adam, Joshua, Howard, Elliott

Every Saturday I make the guys something to eat, and they get so excited to see what that week is going to be. Whether it’s pizza or brownies, cake or cupcakes, they love it. 🙂 I’m thankful for the guys who had even more laughter to my life. ❤

The Guys 2
Me, Jordynn, Adam, Elliott and Ashley(the guy in the background is Bobby!! <3)

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