November 17, 2013-My Animals

I feel like even though I’m only 24, I’ve had countless animals in my life, and I am thankful for each and everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all of them, but fortunately, I have pictures of most of them. I believe that every kid should have an animal, for the responsibility or what have you, but I truly believe it’s important for every kid.

The first animal I remember having was my rabbit Sasha, who unfortunately I do not have a picture of. Next would be two cats, Boldy and Shy. They were sisters, and the first cats I can remember having as a kid. My mom and dad tell me the story all the time of how they wanted me to pick a cat, and I would only pick both of them. So we got both. 🙂 Sorry, again, pics.

After Boldy and Shy came Cricket, who I know we have pictures of, so I’m going to go digging. 🙂 Wish me luck. She was part German Shepard, part husky, and part Shetland Collie. She was about 45 lbs, and she was a very pretty girl. 😉

Next came more cats. Jasmine, and Camelot. Jasmine was white and grey and long haired. She was a bit prissy, and had an extremely hard start to life, making her very distrustful until her last few years of life. Camelot on the other hand came to us from a neighbor that had found him, and he was so loveable it was amazing. Any kid could pick him up, swing him around, and he wouldn’t care. He was great.

July 22, 1994-March 27, 2010
Camelot: July 22, 1994-March 27, 2010
April 1997-September 16, 2011
Jasmine: April 1997-September 16, 2011

After these two came two more dogs, Zeus and Apollo. They were brother, different dads, but the same mom, born on Christmas. 🙂 They were both amazing in their own way, and I miss them every day.

Zeus: December 25, 1999-November 20, 2009
Zeus: December 25, 1999-November 20, 2009
Apollo: December 25, 1999-April 24, 2012
Apollo: December 25, 1999-April 24, 2012

After Zeus and Apollo came three more cats and another dog (but not necessarily in that order) Oh! And a bird. Yes, we had a bird. The three cats are Autmn, Freckle and Zazu(our current cats). I don’t as of yet have a picture of Autmn or Zazu(something I will remedy soon), but below is a picture of Freckle, and the bird, Budgie.

Budgie: Unknown-August 10, 2013
Budgie: Unknown-August 10, 2013

And the dog, is Athena. As I mentioned in my about page, she is a three year old Pitbull. And she’s adorable. ❤


And for any future animal that may come our way (as I’m sure there will be plenty more) we look forward to your arrival, and I more then a little thankful for it!<3


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