November 20, 2013-My Managers

I know! I’ve already said I’m thankful for my job, but managers are different!! You can be thankful for your job, and hate your managers. Not only am I thankful for my job, but I love my managers.

My managers are Kim, Jared and Mansoor. They are our Director of Sales, Director of Operations and the General Manager. They each have their own personality, and even though I know sometimes we drive each other crazy, we really do all love each other. Kim is my direct boss, and I couldn’t ask for a better one. We go out to lunch, go shopping, and just in general, get along. Jared is like another brother. 🙂 (I know, they’re really starting to stack up), but I know I can go to him with any problem. And even though Mansoor is the General Manager (usually they seem pretty untouchable), he truly is like another brother, just like Jared. I hope that in future jobs I can be just as lucky.

Kim and Jared
Kim and Jared



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