November 21, 2013-My Aunts

I have a lot of aunts, but I have a few that I would like to think of as very close. Aunt Cathy, Debbie and Diane. I love al three of them so much. ❤ Don’t get me wrong, I love every other aunt just as much, but these are the three I see the most, and each holds a special spot in my heart.

My Aunt Cathy is like a second mom to me. There isn’t a memory I have as a child where she wasn’t there for a birthday or a holiday. She’s always been there for me, and I know that when I have kids, they will be her grandkids. She loves life, and people, and laughter. She’s an easy person to get along with, and I LOVE HER SO MUCH! ❤

Aunt Cathy
Aunt Cathy

Next is Aunt Debbie. She’s my aunt that lives in Pennsylvania that I go to visit for my Pennsylvania Weekends. She married my uncle when I was in middle school, and I was the maid of honor in their wedding. She’s a very easy person to talk to, and I feel like whenever I go down there we have great conversations. I know that I can go to her and my uncle with any problem, and they’ll be there for me. I love her to death. ❤

Aunt Debbie and Aunt Cathy
Aunt Debbie and Aunt Cathy

And finally, there’s Aunt Diane. She’s my Uncle Brian’s wife, and even though I never saw them often growing up, lately, now that they’ve moved closer, I see them a lot, and I feel like I’m really getting closer to them. She’s the one who’s inspired me to start this blog, and I can’t wait for the opportunity for us to bounce ideas off of each other!!! 🙂

Aunt Diance
Aunt Diane

Each of my aunts is special in their own way, and I will love them for and ever. I could not have asked God for anyone better. ❤ Thank you guys for being awesome! ❤


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