November 24, 2013-Snow

If you live in the Northeast and don’t like snow……..why are you still here?????????

Just kidding! 🙂 Kinda. I’m not gonna lie and say I LOVE snow, because I don’t. I told you earlier, my two favorite places are Vermont and Florida, well, the snow is why Florida is my favorite. 🙂

But it is SUPER pretty to look at it. I live in the country, and it’s always pretty looking down our road after it snows and seeing the trees dusted with snow.

I also like seeing our dogs’ foot prints. I don’t know why, but it’s always been super pretty to me. 🙂 Seeing Athena play in the snow is just funny. 🙂

Yes, she's jumping. :)
Yes, she’s jumping. 🙂

And even though it’s dangerous, I love seeing the snow and ice on power wires too….it’s just pretty……


I guess I’m just thankful for the beauty of it all. 🙂 Thank you!!!!



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