November 4, 2013-My Job

I am thankful for my job! In this…interesting economy, it’s great to have a job at all, and it’s even better to have a job that you love! I am blessed enough to have both! My official title is Sales Coordinator at a Best Western, which at first meant I was basically a secretary for the managers. But now that I know how to give out rates and discounts and sell space, I feel like a real team player.

I take care of everything from meetings and conventions to weddings and sweet sixteen’s! It really is the best job ever! Yes, I get that occasional complaint, or that one guest who’s just had the worst experience ever, but putting my Disney knowledge to work, I know that I can improve my skills and do even better next time!

One of my most memorable moments so far was creating a bit of magic here at the hotel for a bride. We had already had some confusion with some details in her contract, and we felt really bad, as some of the mistakes were on our end. So, the day she was due to check in, I made a swan towel animal, and placed two flutes for champagne in the wings. In the fridge in the room, I put a bottle of champagne, and I took a picture and put it on our facebook wall. The mother of the bride so it and was SSSOOO excited that she came running down to the office to thank everyone.

It’s moments like these that make me sit back and think (even though I’m not in Disney) I LOVE MY JOB.

My Job


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