November 5, 2013-My New Car

I am thankful for my new car!!!!! Back in July, my awesome car, Puddlejumper, a 1999 Chevy Cavalier, finally died. She had multiple problems including (but not limited to), a broken exhaust (the whole thing had to be replaced to fix it), the AC didn’t work, she was constantly over heating, some belts had to be replaced, she made a weird purring sound whenever she sat at a light to long, she liked to lung….by herself, and finally, her underbelly was completely rusted through. BUT, she was my first car, and she was awesome. I raced with her in my first year of college, she got me to Vermont and back more times then I can count, and never ONCE got me in an accident. I miss her. 🙂

Me with Puddlejumper
Me with Puddlejumper

Now, like every first car buyer, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WANTED!!! At first, I thought I just wanted another sedan. I looked at the Chevy Cruz, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent, all the usuals basically. However, I didn’t like ANY OF THEM. I didn’t want a car exactly like Puddlejumper, but I wanted something that felt familiar. Finally, my boss convinced me to look at hatchbacks, something I hadn’t really considered at all. (Don’t ask me why- I have no idea-I’m still at the age where I think I know it all I guess. :P) So, I drove a Mazda Sport, which drove a little rough for me. I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. Then I drove a Kia Soul, and let me tell you, that thing drives like A TRUCK. I HATED it. You could feel every little bump and ditch in the road, and I drive the highway every day to work….so that wasn’t going to work, needless to say. Finally, I drove a Nissan Versa, and I LOVED IT. I knew that I was going to get that car. It’s a light blue, and after I signed my life away it was time to name. 🙂

Me and Jack Frost
Me and Jack Frost

I knew right away that I was driving a guy car.He felt very…safe, and warm, kinda like when my brothers’ give me a bear hug. 🙂 I named him Jack Frost because of his color, and because I’m OBSESSED with the movie, Rise of the Guardians. So, Jack Frost, is my new car, and I LOVE HIM.


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