Daily Prompt: Close Call

Here’s another prompt, and here’s the address it came from:


My close call was with my brother, in my car. There was a night where we were both super bored and decided that we would go down to the local Stewart’s (an awesome ice cream place) to get some ice cream for the family. It was about 8PM at night, but it was not to deter us. 🙂 We left in my car, Puddlejumper-a 1999 Chevy Cavalier, and made our way down just fine. As we were leaving we pulled up behind a large, white SUV, I think it was a Chevy, but to this day I’m not really sure. Anyway, when the light turned green the SUV swerved into this small empty lot right next to us super fast, and almost hit a sign for a local car dealership. I sat frozen and my brother and I watched as it reversed just as fast, slammed into drive and barreled back onto the road. At this time I realized something was wrong with the driver (whether they were drunk or something, I don’t know), so I stayed right where I was so as not to get hit. Then, the driver swerved once more, except he swerved right towards us. A large SUV, at least two times the size of my small Cavalier was going towards us head on. I remember gripping the steering wheel, and a bright light (probably the SUV’s-but who knows), and then the truck swerved again at just the last moment and missed us by literally an inch. It looked as though a barrier had surrounded my car, pushing the SUV aside at just the right moment.

We both made it home okay, but as soon as I sat down on the sofa I started shaking and crying. Needless to say, it was a very close call, and I couldn’t drive that way for weeks.


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