Daily Prompt-Simply Irresistible

So, found another challenge (I’m loving these things!!!), and here is where I got it from:


The challenge is to: “Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.”

So I’m not gonna lie, I love food…..like most normal people in this world. 🙂 I do have a couple of favorites, so there are actually a few I would never turn down (I can’t count any of my mom’s food, because I would never turn any of that down-yes, my mom is an amazing cook).

Food #1: Quesadillas

I know that sounds kind of average, but I love quesadillas, it’s one of my guilty pleasures and when the chef makes them here at work, I can never say no, even if I’ve brought my own lunch.


Food #2: Pizza

Again, something simply, but oh so good. Just give me a plain cheese pizza (although I won’t complain if you class is up and put meatballs or veggies, or do a total spin and make a buffalo chicken pizza) and I am the happiest girl in the world.

Meatball Pizza
Meatball Pizza

Food  #3: Cheesecake

Because we all know there’s a dessert that you just can’t turn down.

New York Style Cheesecake
New York Style Cheesecake

We all have our guilty pleasures, and I am not ashamed or afraid to admit that my most favorite foods are the ones that are the worst for you, lol. It’s always the bad stuff. 🙂 Anyway, what are your favorite foods?????


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