November 27, 2013-Moral Lessons and Parents

Today I am thankful for moral lessons, or any lessons at all really, and parents who teach them. I truly believe that too many people now want to be their kids friend, and not enough parents actually want to be “a real parent.”

I’ve worked retail most of my life, and I remember those families where the kid would be screaming, and wouldn’t stop, so the mom or dad gave in and got them that chocolate bar.

I also see the news stories now about kids that bully other kids, and even though the school I went to was far from perfect, I don’t ever remember anyone getting bullied that bad. I think because the school I went to was so diverse….nobody really cared if you dressed all in black and wore your hair over your eyes. Or if you were pink converse with the tightest skinny jeans you could find.

Recently a friend of mine had some trouble with her daughter (we’ll call my friend Josy, and her daughter, Lizzy-so as not to get confused). Lizzy is about 12, and was given a cell phone for her birthday (one of the ones with emergency contact info only), however, there’s also a camera on it. Now, on Lizzy’s school bus is another girl who has some type of disease (not sure if it’s cancer or what), but she’ been losing her hair and is super self-conscious. Lizzy and and one of her friend’s one day, took the cell phone and teased this poor sick girl, by pretending to take photos of her.

When the school contacted my friend, Josy, she was in shock…she had never raised her to daughter to act as such. She had no idea what to do. So she spoke to Lizzy’s father (they’re not together anymore, but both play a vital role in her life), and he is the one that came up with her punishment. He made her sit in front of a computer and watch videos of other kids with disease, talk about how they hated their lives, and wish they would just die, and how some had even tried to commit suicide because of other kids teasing them.

Needless to say, by the end, Lizzy was brought to tears as much as this sick girl had been that day on the bus. My friend Josy, made her write a letter to the girl, and give it to her personally and apologize.

You see these types of stories all the time online, and people constantly say that these types of punishments don’t work…..but it’s better then pretending it didn’t happen. It’s better then telling your kid “It’s okay, just don’t do it again.” It’s not okay. And your kid probably will do it again.

So I’m thankful for the parents who can grow a pair and actually raise their children, not coddle them.


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