Daily Prompt: Tattoo…You?

Unfortunately, I do not have a tattoo. I haven’t really thought about it until recently, as I’ve always been that person that says “I don’t want one. When I get old it’ll look gross.” But I think someday I might want one. I’ve thought of a couple of tribal ones, which I’ve posted below.

The first is a horse. My mom and I are huge horse people, she even had one when she was my age (when she had all of us kids she unfortunately had to give him up). So this is my first idea…..


My next idea is a music note. (Still tribal looking-I just like the look of them). I’m a huge music person (my ring is a band of continuous music notes). So here’s the music one…..

Tattoo music note

And finally, there’s a book I read in high school called “Mortal Instruments”. It’s about…..well, I never do a book justice so here’s a synopsis:


So enjoy. Anyway, they have these runes which give them power, or strength, of a quick healing. When the runes are active, they’re an inky black, and when they’re not, they’re white. So I’ve been playing with the idea of a white (or black-not sure) rune, like this:


I really like the Fearless one and the Heal one.


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