December “Photo-A-Day-Challenge”-WARMTH

I know this picture is a little weird as WARMTH, but let me explain. There’s a place in Vermont where we go every summer (my grandpa and grandma had a house built there back in 1971) and I love it. (It’s one of my two favorite places) So, every once in awhile my mom, aunt and I get a little Vermont sick and we have to make a trip up there. So last yea, after I got home from Disney, I was so Disney sick, I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I was closing myself in my room, not laughing, not smiling, I was pretty miserable. So my mom and aunt took me up to Vermont in March. For those of you who don’t know, where we go in Vermont, the ice doesn’t start melting until April/May.


So we went up, and I got my first look of everything up there covered in snow (normally we go in August or July). The lake, needless to say, was still frozen solid. So my aunt pulled me out (after jumping up and down on it to prove to me it was frozen solid), and even though it was freezing cold, I had never felt warmer. ❤


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