Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

Here’s my next, “let there be light” picture:


I know this picture probably makes no sense, so let me explain. 🙂 The other night my cousins were up for Thanksgiving, and all of the parents went out to this hockey game Saturday. So my brothers and I took the cousins midnight bowling. There are strobe lights, disco balls and TONS of music. So when the lights were flashing I noticed that sometimes it went like the one above.

For those of you who don’t know, I did an internship in Disney World (loved it-miss it, etc.)and I’m kind of obsessed with everything Disney. SSSSOOOO, to me, this light looks like a Mickey Mouse head! 🙂 For anyone who’s been to the parks, there are things called “Hidden Mickey’s” which are various mickey mouse heads (like the one pictured above) that people can try to find. (They’re pretty well hidden in most cases).

My brothers rolled their eyes and my friends just smiled along indulgently when I pointed this “Hidden Mickey” out to them. But I loved it and knew immediately I was going to have to use it as a light picture. 🙂

P.S. Anyone ever been to the parks and located any hidden mickey’s?? XD


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