December “Photo-A-Day” Challenge-White

So today’s picture has to symbolize white….and I have the perfect one. 🙂


Averill Lake, Averill, Vermont
Averill Lake, Averill, Vermont

One of my two most favorite places in the world. Averill, Vermont. When I got home from Disney, my mom and aunt took me to Vermont in March, and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

We always go to Vermont during the summer, so I had never seen it covered in snow, and I had never seen even a spec of ice on the lake. When we got there the lake was so frozen you could walk on it, and I remember thinking how surreal that was. And even though this may not seem like a big deal to people, I’ve been going here ever since I was a baby….it was just weird. But it was cool to see the snow cloud tornadoes on the lake, and to actually walk out onto the ice. Can’t wait to go again next year. 🙂


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