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I just read a really interesting post by an author vicbriggs:


It never ceases to amaze me how different laws are in other countries, and even how different they are in the states here in the US.

The big one, is the idea that blocks are put on certain search terms when it come to big search engines. A lot of people see this as constricting,  but maybe it’s a necessary restriction? When I read the article above I went online and did a quick 30 second search on the US stand when it comes to restricting certain search terms, and what I read seemed very…..unsurprising. I’m all for rights and freedom to make your own choices (how could I not be, I live in the US), but this seems sort of like a no brainer to me. Apparently the issue of blocking terms like “child pornography” has come up in government discussion before, but nothings been done because it’s “restricting the people’s right.” But wouldn’t this be a good restriction?

I understand that some people would say “once they restrict one thing, they’ll start making laws restricting all sorts of things.” But isn’t restricting what’s illegal anyway the whole point? It’s illegal. It should probably be restricted. I’m just sayin’. And maybe I’m wrong, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of people that will disagree.


On much smaller note, recently I went to West Virginia for a friend’s wedding and a comment that another friend made had me smiling at the time, but now pausing with thought. This friend is from Texas, and she had commented then when she was driving on the highway, the speed was 55, but cars were zooming by her going at least 70. Based on my own experience, I’m sure some were even pushing 80. The fact that people were speeding didn’t really shock me. I’m from New York. (Explanation enough, yeah?-no offense to any New Yorkers that are offended 🙂 )Anyway, she was so surprised, and I didn’t really think about until after, but maybe they’re stricter with that sort of stuff in Texas? Maybe? Possibly? If so, that’s kind of stupid too. Not that they’re stricter, but that it’s so different from one state to another.

I remember one of my worries going down was not knowing what state I could or couldn’t talk on a cell phone. (I don’t talk while I’m driving anyway-it’s illegal here in New York). But it’s interesting how different each state it.

My purpose for this musing? I’m not saying that every state, ever country should be the same. I’m merely pointing out how I find it amusing how every country, every state is different. That’s all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Musings”

  1. Thank you for the reference, Brittney. Appreciated. And I like your write-up. I also find US law confusing in the way it changes from state to state, and I agree with you: if something is illegal, then restricting access to it on the internet shouldn’t be a problem.
    I’ll go one step further and say that it should be done without changing the law, just implement the law full stop. Seems pretty straightforward to me, but I am sure that some legislators may disagree with me on that. It would be interesting to know on what account.

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