Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes


I’m not really sure I would have much worth saying that the entire world would be interested in, but I’ll give it a go.

“I’m not going to spend this time saying how we’re all the same, and so everyone in the world should get a long. It’s a lie. The people on this globe could not be more different. Not a single adult or child, from the Eastern hemisphere, or Western, are the same. We’re all individuals, and we can’t all be expected to get along. It would be like putting a hungry wolf and a skinny rabbit in the same room, and yelling “Don’t hurt each other.”

However, I will say that even though we’re different, even though we can’t all be expected to get along…it sure would be a nice change of pace to see the look of shock on destiny and fate’s faces if we did huh?

It’s not right for people to just take things for granted….and it’s not right for others to assume that everyone else is like that. It’s not right that parts of the world is so rich it’s disgusting, while other parts of the world are so poor it’s sickening.

But nothing in life is fair. Our job is to treat each other with as much respect as possible, and try not to decimate human kind while we’re going along. And if we can do that, and realize that ‘hey, maybe even though we’re all different, that’s okay.’ Then I think that’s pretty history changing, yeah?”

Like, I said, nothing astronomic, and probably a whole lot of rambling. But I think if everyone in the world realized that we’re all different, and nothing’s going to change that, and that that is okay….maybe everyone would be okay.

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