Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety


I can’t really think of a noise or silence that gives me anxiety. I love the quiet, because it’s time to myself, and I love it being loud because that means I’m usually surrounded by people I love and care about. I can remember a time filled with anxiety though. When I was in 7th grade my brother Dennis was in the army. There was a point where everyone thought they were going to be sent overseas (to the Middle East), and I remember my mom being glued to the TV, watching people die, and watching others being seriously injured. The stress and anxiety in the house was unbelievable. The day came where my brother’s unit actually went to the airport, everyone boarded the plane, and right as they were about to take off, they got the call that they were to stay put.

It was a miracle. They weren’t activated again, and my brother received an honorable discharge after his time was finished. My brother loved being in the army, but the anxiety that everyone felt, I’ll always remember it.

Dennis J. Recore Jr.
Dennis J. Recore Jr.

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