So, I’ve written a handful of Haiku, but something happened in my life recently that made me write this little bit. I hope you like it. Don’t pick on it too much. 🙂

How do you go on?

Your breath is sucked from your lungs like a cold punch of winter air to your lungs.

Your chest burns with the pain of a strong hand clutching your heart.

You thought it would be easy, or at least easier, but nothing is at it seems. Nothing ever is.

How do you go on?

Everyone looks at you with pity in their eyes.

Do they really understand how it feels?

Do they understand this hole that has been shot straight through your heart?

How do you go on?

You say it’s not fair, and you question your decision, as though it may be your last.

You look around the world around you, wondering where the color has gone.

But no one will understand this overwhelming pain that feels as though your very soul has shattered.

How do you go on?



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