Retail-Pet Peeves

So….I actually wrote this awhile ago, however I thought that with the New Year, I should wait until after to write some pet peeves that have been bothering me since I started to work at the deli. I’m only helping them out during the holidays, as it’s SOOOO busy, but I’m still keeping my full-time job down at the hotel. So, I’d forgotten a few things in my time away from the register. Some pet peeves of mine that I just had to get off my chest.

1. When I say how are you? I kinda want a response. I don’t want you to ignore me. I actually like talking to people, and if you’re going to come out into the world, then you have to actually deal with the world. Tough luck. And as for people who can’t actually talk? I have customers who write out on a piece of paper, “Hi, how are you?” So clearly there is no excuse.

2. TAKE YOUR GROCERIES OUT OF THE FRIGGIN’ BASKET. I’m not your maid. You have two hands. Take your own food and stuff out of the basket and put it on the belt. NO. It’s NOT easier for me to ring it up while it’s still in the basket. DUH.

3. Handing me the money would be nice. I’m not sure why people insist on putting it on the belt, or even better, completely ignore my out-stretched hand and throw the money on the counter. MY HAND IS OUT. PUT THE MONEY IN MY HAND. I DO NOT have cooties. I swear.

4. How about treating retail people with a bit of respect? Our bread guy was delivering the other day, and this lady cut him off as he was trying to push a really heavy cart of bread up a ramp. What the hell? How about saying “excuse me?” Or even “Oh! Sorry!”

5. And finally, stop complaining to the cashier. If something happened to you with another employee, there is absolutely NOTHING the cashier can do about it. Go talk to a manager. ASK the cashier for a manager. But don’t yell at the cashier. That is NOT cool.

This is where I will end my rant. Clearly there are exceptions to every rule, and I realize that some people might be so distraught with something going on in their lives that they fail to recognize the niceties of every day society. But for the rest of us….there is no excuse. Thank you. 🙂

Anyone else have pet peeves at work???


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