Daily Prompt: Beyond The Pale


When I was in my last year of college, I saw a paper describing an experience like no other…”The Disney College Program.” At first, I wasn’t interested. It seemed really far away, and I’d never spent that much time away from the bulk of my family (whom live in the Northeast). However, it kept popping up wherever I turned. In class, a guy did a presentation on it, and it looked like so much fun. My deciding factor was when a customer came into the store I was working at, and told me that his niece was working in Disney. She had started doing the internship as a chef at one of the restaurants, and they asked her to continue on full-time, and she accepted. I had been lost about what I wanted to do, and it seemed like an answer to all of my questions. So I applied for the fall/winter after graduation, and was accepted. August 18 I left for Florida, and the 19th I was in my apartment, Chatham Square, 25203.

To do something like this was not me at all, or at least, not the “high school” me I like to refer to it as. In high school I was that quiet person in the corner, with only a handful of friends, and not very confident. It wasn’t until college that I came out of my shell. The Disney College Program was completely out of character for me, but I hope someday I can go back down and work for them permanently. My dream. ❤


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