Is a Barrel a Home?

A topic that is near and dear to my heart is that of puppy mills. I would like to start by saying that I have never, nor will I ever buy a puppy from a pet shop (nine times out of ten-they’re from a puppy mill-not a reputable breeder).

There’s been some conversation lately in New York about puppy mills, because of one notorious one that claims to be a breeder. (I think we can all tell the difference simply by looking at it.)

images Montgomery_Co_puppy_farm_casenbspinspires_Senate_bill-syndImport-061656

When this “puppy farm” first came to light, it was because of some concerned neighbors. As seen from the photo in the article, the man in question was keeping his dogs in plastic barrels, filled with hay. When the police visited the farm, they were clearly disgusted at what they saw, however, because of New York state law, there was nothing they could do. There is a law about animals being outside, but it simply states that they must have “adequate shelter”-which defined, is something that is completely enclosed, with an opening for the animal. Which, technically, they had.

The public made the police aware of this mill because recently we’ve been having some EXTREMELY cold weather. In some places, in NY, it’s gotten down to -40 degrees. The night of the puppy mill raid, no dogs were taken….the next morning? Two were found dead-being taken away in a wheel barrel by their so called “owner” to their icy burials.

Since then, the SPCA has come in and has taken about 40 dogs from this person (he willingly signed them over), however he still has a handful (reportedly being kept inside until 1. the weather eases, or 2. adequate shelter is made).

In the governer’s office right now sits a bill that people want signed with stricter laws and punishments regarding treatment of these gorgeous animals. Right now in NYS, (as mentioned in the above article), the maximum punishment for something like this is a $100 fine. A $100 FINE!!!!!!! Here, that is about the equivalent of a traffic violation ticket. Seriously!!!! Is this really what the world sees our animals as??????? Every single animal I’ve ever had has been a part of my family, and all but one has been a rescue (I’ve had four dogs, and eight cats).

I feel like NYS really needs to start cracking down on cases like this. HARD.


4 thoughts on “Is a Barrel a Home?”

  1. A $100 fine does seem to be rather inadequate. I’m not a pet person, myself, but cruelty, in any form, whether to people or animals, is simply unacceptable. It would be wonderful to see stricter regulation and harsher fines for violators.

    1. Absolutely! And you don’t have to be a pet person to just know right from wrong ya know? It’s kind of common sense….or at least, I thought it was, lol. 🙂

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