Interesting People Day 2

April PepperDoodle

Next is April (no, not the dog, the person), and her parents Donna and Serge (who unfortunately I don’t have a picture of). April is into accounting and she worked for an extremely large firm here in Vermont. She was traveling 60-80 hours per week, and was making into the six digit figures. However, this year, one of her co-workers passed away. The co-worker was in Hawaii on vacation, and had a heart-attack whilst snorkeling…in front of her husband and two young children. The doctors said it was stress related, as she had no other health ailments. April quit working at the firm this year, and is going back to help her parents with her own business, April’s Maple. It’s a gorgeous sugar house on 800 acres of Vermont forest. The work that they put into the lines and the sugar house itself is incredible. Her parents, Donna and Serge have been taking care of the sugar house while she’s working, and they’re two amazing people in their own right. They first started out working in their barn:



Which at one time held 13 horses and foals. It was essentially a breeding operation that they had, with some amazing winners in Western Pleasure. They went from this to a couple of logging company type jobs, to finally, the sugar house. Their story is a long one, and I’m not sure I could ever do it justice, but just seeing their amazing property can tell you that some incredible people live there.

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