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Logging Museum

Recently, the town I now live in held a Moose Festival, and they opened up the museum they keep above the library. Not many people know about this museum because they only open it about two or three times a year, so I grabbed the chance and got a TON of pictures.

Below are some of my favorites from logging. Most of the crews and people you see are from Van Dyke’s group.

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Daily Prompt: Now You See Me

Usually I do the writing….but I kind of like the photo part of this challenge: Evanescence

So here’s my picture:


I know you’re thinking, how does this apply? But I love history, and I love old family photos, and the other day I was walking past someone cleaning out their wallet, and they were throwing some pictures away. I didn’t say anything (maybe I should have), but it kind of tore me apart a little bit. Evanescence means to disappear, and I would hate to think that family history(or history in general) can disappear so readily as throwing out an old picture.