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Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past


I can’t say that I have a favorite holiday by year or date  or anything, but I DO have a favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite. Mostly because we always have a ton of people over, which means our house is completely full. This year, we shared Thanksgiving with my Aunt Diane, and her husband, my Uncle Brian.
I remember her calling about a week before, and my mom and I told her to come over with everyone, and she said “Are you sure? You’re gonna have a lot of people in that house!” And we said absolutely!!! My mom and I both LOVE having people in our house. It makes it filled with love, and everyone always has a good time (of course I’m sure the bottle(s) of wine that are always there don’t hurt either ^-^). I look forward to Thanksgiving each year, simply because of how many people I get to see.

It’s always bothered me that a lot of people don’t get to see the people in their extended family unless there’s something like a death in the family. I want to see my family throughout the year, during HAPPY occasions.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

So every year the town where I live has a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It’s a really fun event where Santa comes and the kids can take pictures with him, and they do carriage rides, there are reindeer and they light trees that people have decorated in memory of loved ones that have passed. I went up this year (as my mom and dad played Santa and Mrs. Clause!!!) and took a whole bunch of pics to show you guys. Enjoy!!!! 🙂

DSCN1005 DSCN1006

I LOVED this tree. Simplistic beauty.
I LOVED this tree. Simplistic beauty.

DSCN1011 DSCN1012

This is Athena, she was my favorite. :)
This is Athena, she was my favorite. 🙂


This was my favorite horse. <3
This was my favorite horse. ❤


My mom and dad as Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause.
My mom and dad as Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause.
My mom and dad as Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause.
My mom and dad as Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause.

Mom and Dad

November 28, 2013-Holidays

I know that seems kind of unoriginal considering what today is, but for me it’s pretty important, especially this year. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I did an internship at Disney World last year from August until January. So, I missed the essential holidays that I normally would have spent with a TON of family. So even though I’m still super bummed I’m not in Florida, I’m EXTREMELY excited to be spending Thanksgiving with my family. Tomorrow we’re trying something new with some family/friends at a local lodge. And Friday we’re having about 12-15 people over to the house, and mom and I will be cooking all day. I LOVE A FULL HOUSE. And I can’t wait to spend the day with everyone. 🙂

November 26, 2013-Christmas Cards

At work today we are working on compiling our list of accounts to send Christmas cards to!!! 🙂 I was so excited when we got them, because they’re all sparkly and pretty (and even there’s no Santa or house with a wreath), they have a simplistic beauty.

As I’m putting them in their envelopes, I don’t even mind that there’s fairy dust everywhere…..okay maybe I mind a little, but only because I’m wearing black pants. 😛

Anyway, THANK YOU CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!! You’re awesome!!!

Christmas Cards