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Daily Prompt: Good Fences


Neighbors. I have some normal neighbors…interesting neighbors….and new neighbors. 🙂 The lady across from us (Mrs. Brown) is awesome. She’s that sweet old lady that everyone loves, and everyone helps, and everyone loves to help. She gave everyone candy as kids and never rat-ed on anyone when she saw something “questionable” (like 40 cars parked in your driveway when your parents are away XD). The person diagonal from us is John…..I don’t really know what his last name is….never rally asked. He’s our German Shepard neighbor. He got married and had a kid later in life (he’s about 45 and just got married/had said kid about 5 years ago), and he’s ALWAYS had a german shepard on his property. Always has, always will. We love him for that. His dogs are gorgeous. 🙂 The person to the left of us is Mike…Mike lives with his wife…his son….and his son’s wife. They’re the “interesting” neighbors. Growing up I remember my parents forbidding my brothers’ to be friends with their son…and as I got older I learned that no one in the neighborhood liked them, but my dad was always the person telling everyone to leave them alone. When I was in high school I found out why. No murder mystery or anything like that, sorry. 🙂 Mike doesn’t like noise…like, if he could live in a cemetery, I’m pretty sure he would. He’s turned every single person in our neighborhood in for barking dogs. I’m not even kidding. And granted, we have a small neighborhood, about 20-30 houses, but I think that makes it even worse because we all know each other, and every one else gets along. ANYWAY, my last neighbor lives to the right of us, and they’re new. They moved in back in August, and it’s a guy and his wife (I’ve met them, but I really don’t remember names) and their two little kids (one is three, one is five). They are so friggin’ cute. We haven’t had little kids in the neighborhood in a long time, so when my mom and I heard little kids squealing on Christmas morning, we both just looked at each and smiled. Even if it was super early in the morning.

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past


I can’t say that I have a favorite holiday by year or date  or anything, but I DO have a favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite. Mostly because we always have a ton of people over, which means our house is completely full. This year, we shared Thanksgiving with my Aunt Diane, and her husband, my Uncle Brian.
I remember her calling about a week before, and my mom and I told her to come over with everyone, and she said “Are you sure? You’re gonna have a lot of people in that house!” And we said absolutely!!! My mom and I both LOVE having people in our house. It makes it filled with love, and everyone always has a good time (of course I’m sure the bottle(s) of wine that are always there don’t hurt either ^-^). I look forward to Thanksgiving each year, simply because of how many people I get to see.

It’s always bothered me that a lot of people don’t get to see the people in their extended family unless there’s something like a death in the family. I want to see my family throughout the year, during HAPPY occasions.

Breakfast Pizza

So first, collect all of your ingredients, pictures above. They include (but definitely are NOT limited to) pizza dough, non-stick spray, pizza stones (or pans), bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese, eggs and milk.

Now, put the dough into greased bowls and let rise for about an hour. As such,


Then, take your bacon and stretch it out on a pan like this:



Bake this in the oven at 400degrees for about 20 minutes.

And for sausage, if you have this kind:DSCN0923

Cook it in the oven (it’ll come out better that way). And if it looks like this:


Cook it in the microwave, it’s faster. After the meat is done cooking, let it cool for about 10-15 minutes (until you can touch it without burning your fingers). Once cool, cut the sausage and break apart the bacon into crumbs.

By now, the dough should be risen enough to bake with. So punch it down a few times (gets rid of any air bubbles), and stretch it out over the pizza stones. (You can use regular pans, but stones really are the best). Then, take your eggs (two usually works well) and mix them with a splash of milk (about 1/4 cup). Take this mixture and carefully pour it over the dough (which should be comfortably resting in the pizza stone now). It should look like this:


Then take your bacon and sausage and sprinkle it all over the top. Remember, you think you have enough, add a handful more. 🙂


Then put on some cheese and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about a half hour.


When you’re all done, it will look like this:


Only hopefully without the two missing pieces. (People here got a little eager). Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 😉 Om nom nom.

November 29, 2013-Mama Bears

I am thankful for mama bears, and I don’t just mean actual bears that are mamas. Most women that are mom’s, that are good moms, I refer to as Mama Bears. They’re usually protective of their kids, and have more kids then just their actual kids. As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom works at a deli where it’s mostly guys, but they all call her mom. So, I call my mom Mama Bear (as do a lot of the guys). My aunt is also considered a mama bear. She has two kids, a son and an adopted daughter. However, I’ve always considered her my second mom. She’s always been there for me, and I know that when I have kids, she will be their grandma. 🙂 So today is a shout-out to all of those mom’s that have dozens of kids, without actually having dozens of kids. Love ya mama bears!! ❤

Mom and Aunt Cathy
Mom and Aunt Cathy