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So…….I don’t know how many of you have had the lovely experience of having to pack, but it  sucks! And I only have one room to pack essentially. I can’t imagine what it must be like packing a whole house.

Anyway, a couple of tips that might be helpful….become best friends with your local grocer. We have a mom and pop deli down the road from us where I practically grew up, and they’ve given me countless boxes that I’ve been using for packing. VERY handy. 🙂

I finally found out that my cat gets to go with me too, which I’m super excited for! So not only do I have to pack my stuff but hers too now, lol. Her packing is easy, but moving her? Not so much….she’s one of those cats that will literally meow for the entire five hour drive, so someone suggested to me Benadryl……she literally sat there coughing until she coughed it up. So now I’m trying children’s benadryl liquid stuff. Any other suggestions??????????

More soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! And pics of the apartment too!!!! Five days til moving day! 🙂

Daily Prompt: If You Leave


Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Oh my God!!! My life right now!!!!!!!! lol

Sometimes I get so sick of life drama that I just want to pick-up and move somewhere where I know no one, and no one knows me. But then I have to remind myself that drama and “life situations” are every where.

However recently, my chance at “leaving” came in the form of a job offer. I currently work at a fairly large hotel property in Albany, New York. My title is Sales Coordinator, and I LOVE my job. I sell overnight rooms to large groups, and I get the chance to sell our banquet space for parties, weddings and meeting/conventions. (We have about 8,000 sq ft worth of banquet space) So even though I work with the “bride-zillas” and stressed out soccer moms every once in awhile, I’m always working with the people so excited about their wedding or vow renewal, or pumped to win their sports game while knowing they have a clean hotel they can come back to when they’re done.

The job offer I got was for the position of Catering Sales Manager at a completely different property (not the same brand either). The offer over the phone sounded amazing. I would finally have a manager title (something I’ve been waiting for, for about 6-months now) and it was essentially a $10,000 raise a year from what I’m making now.

I went down to the property (it’s in the heart of downtown-one of my cons, because I already live about 20-30 minutes WITHOUT drive-home traffic, and this adds another 10 minutes to my drive) and of course, it was gorgeous. It was only about six years old, and they’d done some pretty extensive renovating.

Then I sat down with the person who would be my manager and learned the full story. Yeah, I would be making that extra bit of money, but not only would I be driving further and through more traffic, I would be doing the job of three people because they’re short-handed (their Sales Manager had quit that morning) and I had to be at every event. There were a few other cons also, but honestly, my list would be to long, lol. 🙂

Anyway, I went back to my hotel, and I had a few people question how it went (I’m really close with my coworkers and we all want what’s best for each other-even if it means moving to a different property to better ourselves). After I told them my pros and cons, they all kind of nodded, made a few comments but didn’t say anything.

I went home, slept on it and decided to stay where I was. Even though I was getting that extra money, there were just too many cons, and I didn’t think it was worth it.

Even though sometimes we want to leave and start over, sometimes it’s just better for us to stay where we are and wait for that “awesome-something” to come along.

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that. 🙂

P.S. My dream? Move to Disney. ❤

December “Photo-A-Day” Challenge-Tree

December 5, 2013-TREE


One of the things on my bucket list is to go to New York City during Christmas time to see the GIANT Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza. 🙂 (Kind of a weird dream seeing as how I live in New York, lol-but it’s expensive going to NYC!!!!)

Anyway, this is my aunt’s christmas tree. I always love it because she always gets a real one, and they use ornaments that mean something to everyone in the family. ❤

Random Musings

I just read a really interesting post by an author vicbriggs:


It never ceases to amaze me how different laws are in other countries, and even how different they are in the states here in the US.

The big one, is the idea that blocks are put on certain search terms when it come to big search engines. A lot of people see this as constricting,  but maybe it’s a necessary restriction? When I read the article above I went online and did a quick 30 second search on the US stand when it comes to restricting certain search terms, and what I read seemed very…..unsurprising. I’m all for rights and freedom to make your own choices (how could I not be, I live in the US), but this seems sort of like a no brainer to me. Apparently the issue of blocking terms like “child pornography” has come up in government discussion before, but nothings been done because it’s “restricting the people’s right.” But wouldn’t this be a good restriction?

I understand that some people would say “once they restrict one thing, they’ll start making laws restricting all sorts of things.” But isn’t restricting what’s illegal anyway the whole point? It’s illegal. It should probably be restricted. I’m just sayin’. And maybe I’m wrong, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of people that will disagree.


On much smaller note, recently I went to West Virginia for a friend’s wedding and a comment that another friend made had me smiling at the time, but now pausing with thought. This friend is from Texas, and she had commented then when she was driving on the highway, the speed was 55, but cars were zooming by her going at least 70. Based on my own experience, I’m sure some were even pushing 80. The fact that people were speeding didn’t really shock me. I’m from New York. (Explanation enough, yeah?-no offense to any New Yorkers that are offended 🙂 )Anyway, she was so surprised, and I didn’t really think about until after, but maybe they’re stricter with that sort of stuff in Texas? Maybe? Possibly? If so, that’s kind of stupid too. Not that they’re stricter, but that it’s so different from one state to another.

I remember one of my worries going down was not knowing what state I could or couldn’t talk on a cell phone. (I don’t talk while I’m driving anyway-it’s illegal here in New York). But it’s interesting how different each state it.

My purpose for this musing? I’m not saying that every state, ever country should be the same. I’m merely pointing out how I find it amusing how every country, every state is different. That’s all. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I was thrown into one of my first situations that I felt totally out of place with. I was one of the band people, kind of quiet, not really into sports, but totally and completely into music. So that summer I went to a Music Academy at a college in the mid-west. And it was my first time away from my family for that long. I had my first experience with a roommate, and I could (essentially) do whatever I wanted. At first it was very scary.

It was a new place, I knew absolutely no one, and my family was states away.

This was one of the best experiences I ever had. My roommate’s name was Cheyenne (this isn’t how she spelled it though, it was something like Shayene), and she was from Oklahoma, so it was neat talking to someone who was used to a completely different world then me. Her mom was a hairdresser, so she would do my hair all the time and we would stay up late just talking.

She was an aspiring singer, and even though we never kept in touch, I often wonder if she achieved her dreams.

This was also the year that I got my cat. Freckle. When a fellow band mate and I were taking a short cut to get to class, I found Freckle soaking wet and cuddled beside a tree. That summer I used all of my spending money to board her until my family came out to see our “end of the month” recitals, and then taking Freckle with us, we drove home. (Took about two or three days).


So even though I was super nervous about something so new and unfamiliar, and I felt as though I was just floating along the first week or so, I had an amazing experience and rescued one of the best cats ever. 🙂


Troy Block Party

A few weeks ago my friends Kyra and Sam took me to a block party where they live. It was really cool because there was a HUGE farmers market, and there were food trucks and stuff for kids. But what enjoyed most of all was walking around downtown and seeing the stuff I don’t normally take the time to look at it. I’ve picture it all below!!! 🙂


For anyone who isn’t aware, Proctor’s is a theater here in upstate New York in Schenectady. What a lot of people don’t know is that it started in Troy, in this building pictured above. Currently, RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) owns this building. It’s really sad because they’re not doing anything with it, and it’s literally rotting from the inside out. You can still see the red chairs if you’re tall enough to peak through the boarded windows, and you can still see the grandness the building once had if you close your eyes.

One the outside of the building, RPI students have depicted their art, which is cool,  (still wish they’d do something with the inside though). Here’s some of the art outside:


994835_10202090001560743_1272309823_n 1208490_10202090000880726_538544375_n 7.22.94-3.27.10

I know, they’re super good. Also going on in downtown Troy is the “Uncle Sam Project.” Again, RPI students have decorated statues of Uncle Sam with their own ideas and pictures. There are 30 in total, and at some point, the city of Troy will be auctioning them off for people to buy (I want one. :)) Unfortunately, a lot of them have been stolen, or vandalized (I know, people). So, here are some of the ones I was able to find:

The Annotated Uncle Sam The artist actually encouraged people to write on it, creating a new kind of art
The Annotated Uncle Sam
The artist actually encouraged people to write on it, creating a new kind of art
The Engineer Sponsored by RPI, this statue gives a new take on the shapes people are already so familiar with.
The Engineer
Sponsored by RPI, this statue gives a new take on the shapes people are already so familiar with.
Home Based on the streets and homes in Troy/Lansingburgh
Based on the streets and homes in Troy/Lansingburgh
Truly...Uncle Sam Portrays a Store called "Truly Rhe"
Truly…Uncle Sam
Portrays a Store called “Truly Rhe”

There’s so many more, and I even got to see a spot where an Uncle Sam had been stolen(all that remained was the cement block they sit on).

So my lesson here had been to just walk in a place I didn’t know. Now, I did have two people with me who knew the area, however neither had actually taken the time to look at these statues as I wanted to do. So I’m glad they indulged me, and I’m glad I got to explore. I can’t wait for these to go on auction (I’m hoping to get the Home one) and I hope everyone enjoys the art!!!!