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Travel Theme: Strong

This past weekend my brother and friend came up to visit me, and we went to a place called Beaver Brook Falls. It’s absolutely stunning with it’s cascading waterfall and “magical-like” trail paths. We went down one of the trails, and the NH Environmental group has just gone through recently and cleared the path…my brother thought he would be funny, so I snapped this picture:



I know he doesn’t look it, but my brother is actually 6’7″ and a LOT of muscle. It was really funny seeing him “play strong” when he really is strong.

Daily Prompt: Simply The Best


I find this so frustrating, because I always do my best thinking and come up with the best ideas whenever I don’t have a pad of paper near. ie. At work up near the register or when I’m going for a walk.

I’ve seriously started carrying paper and a pen on me when I’m walking just in case I think of something, or I’ve even entered stuff into my phone to save for later.

ALWAYS the most inopportune times. ๐Ÿ˜› lol

December “Photo-A-Day” Challenge-Above

This year for Thanksgiving we went on a hike before eating, and there were two streams that we had to cross. My brother Elliott, and my Uncle Brian helped everyone cross. This picture I love not only because of the people in it, but because of the cool angle I got from above. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom and Elliott
Mom and Elliott