Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

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The night of the super moon (July 12, 2014), the sunset was just as amazing. Here’s a couple pics!

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Interesting People Day 2

April PepperDoodle

Next is April (no, not the dog, the person), and her parents Donna and Serge (who unfortunately I don’t have a picture of). April is into accounting and she worked for an extremely large firm here in Vermont. She was traveling 60-80 hours per week, and was making into the six digit figures. However, this year, one of her co-workers passed away. The co-worker was in Hawaii on vacation, and had a heart-attack whilst snorkeling…in front of her husband and two young children. The doctors said it was stress related, as she had no other health ailments. April quit working at the firm this year, and is going back to help her parents with her own business, April’s Maple. It’s a gorgeous sugar house on 800 acres of Vermont forest. The work that they put into the lines and the sugar house itself is incredible. Her parents, Donna and Serge have been taking care of the sugar house while she’s working, and they’re two amazing people in their own right. They first started out working in their barn:



Which at one time held 13 horses and foals. It was essentially a breeding operation that they had, with some amazing winners in Western Pleasure. They went from this to a couple of logging company type jobs, to finally, the sugar house. Their story is a long one, and I’m not sure I could ever do it justice, but just seeing their amazing property can tell you that some incredible people live there.

Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves


My favorite thing in New York was finally being able to get Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks…now that I live in “The-Middle-Of-Nowhere” Vermont, this has definitely changed. There isn’t really a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts close enough to drive to (pretty sure the closest is an hour away), so I’ve had to change gears a little bit. Because I live up in the mountains now, my favorite thing to do is go outside and take pictures. There’s so many beautiful colors all around me, and I love sharing them with everyone. Enjoy! <3.

Fall Foliage_1 The Lodge where I work.

Interesting People Day 1

“Today I’ll notice the uniqueness in the people around me. What makes each of us special?”

I found this quote in a book recently, and it kind of struck a chord in me…
What interesting people have you met in your life?

Since I’ve moved to Vermont, I’ve met a lot of people, and I think I’ve just kind of taken them at face value (I know I’ve realized some of them are a bit unique), but it didn’t strike me how amazing each one was until I was telling my friends back home about everyone…one of my friends said “Brittney, you’re so lucky. You meet the most amazing people.”

And it’s true. I’ve totally met, and had the pleasure of talking to, those people that other people always wonder about. I haven’t met the cliché of an old man placing flowers on a grave every morning, but I know the old couple that sits out on their porch…I know the woman that wanders through the trees and talks to them. And they’re all incredible people with incredible stories. Have you ever talked to this person? Over the next few days I’m going to be posting pictures and stories of some of these incredible people (and maybe even some places!), enjoy!!!

Valentine in VT

First, is Lu. She’s one of my co-workers up here in The Great NEK. When I first met her I found her a bit intimidating, because of the way she concentrates, believe it or not. She’s that person that frowns and stares intently at whatever she’s doing, and it makes you think “Oh God, did I do something to make her mad?” But she’s rarely ever in a bad mood. Lu is an ex-lawyer turned concierge specialist…yeah. She’s originally from Wisconsin, and than she moved to Minnesota for law school. She was actually pretty popular when she was at her first firm, and she made a good amount of money (I guess the old “lawyers are rich” was true in her case), BUT, she wasn’t happy. So after “X” amount of years in suits, meetings, cities and tall rise offices, she moved to Vermont. She works with me at the lodge now, and she loves it. We don’t make a lot, but she and I are both trying to live with the thought that, “as long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter how much money you make” (we’ll see how long that lasts before my school loans make my pocket tight).

Tell me about YOUR interesting people!




Travel Theme: Strong

This past weekend my brother and friend came up to visit me, and we went to a place called Beaver Brook Falls. It’s absolutely stunning with it’s cascading waterfall and “magical-like” trail paths. We went down one of the trails, and the NH Environmental group has just gone through recently and cleared the path…my brother thought he would be funny, so I snapped this picture:



I know he doesn’t look it, but my brother is actually 6’7″ and a LOT of muscle. It was really funny seeing him “play strong” when he really is strong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

???????????????????????????????The place where I work is hosting a Women’s Retreat this weekend, and there’s a TON of activities that people can choose from to participate in…one of which is log rolling. I’d never seen it done before, and have never participated (pretty sure I would NOT be able to stay on the log), but I imagine the endurance needed is a lot.

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A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Hole

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I couldn’t really decide on one picture, so I posted a couple…

A general store in Canada...the owners were twin sisters...one of them died, and the other just left, leaving the store...when you look through the windows, there are still items and goods on the shelves.
A general store in Canada…the owners were twin sisters…one of them died, and the other just left, leaving the store…when you look through the windows, there are still items and goods on the shelves.
Old milk cans at an ice cream shop in Coaticook, Canada.
Old milk cans at an ice cream shop in Coaticook, Canada.
These metal figures are all throughout areas like Compton, Coaticook, etc. and each gives information about a famous person.
These metal figures are all throughout areas like Compton, Coaticook, etc. and each gives information about a famous person.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Candid Photography


I took this photo a while ago (as it’s WAY too cold right now to go out on the lakes), and now I have a reason to show it off! Enjoy!


A Photo A Week: Music

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A loon family on beautiful International Lake Wallace.

I chose this picture for music for a reason…the sound that a loon makes when it trills and wails, is absolutely incredible, and for those of us who love it, a gorgeous type of music.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing this AMAZING animal, here’s a LINK where you can hear them. Enjoy!

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